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Exclusive Homes
on Phuket & Beyond - ONLINE PROPERTY

• Exclusive Homes on Phuket & beyond was the both first print publication and the first Phuket property website to put a non-partisan spotlight on all the island's key property developments, real estate, land, houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, penthouse, home-offices and townhomes, as well as real estage agents and suppliers / home services to home buyers.
• Continuing its leading role this second generation website - Exclusive Homes Phuket ONLINE provides an even more detailed database, and now incorporates an interactive search engine to take you straight to your target Phuket property investment, new home or other business in the Phuket property / Phuket real estate sector.
Phuket Property Phuket PropertyPhuket PropertyPhuket Property Phuket Property
• Exclusive Homes Phuket ONLINE has been created to provide home buyers and investors with the latest, most independent, detailed information on Phuket's property opportunities (whether it's property as an investment or a villa for your retirement) before you leave home, saving you time and wasted effort when you're on the Phuket.
• The core of Exclusive Homes Phuket ONLINE is the detailed, comparative information for each Phuket apartment, Phuket condominium, Phuket villa listed and land in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and Koh Lanta. Each property listing is compiled under all or most of the following headings: Property Location | Price Classification | Concept | Space | Property Design & Construction | Property Management | Legal Package, providing invaluable information allowing you to compare the different properties against similar criteria.
Our new PHUKET PROPERTY BLOG brings you the latest information on new Phuket property developments, which are the 'hot' parts of Phuket Island for new property, the best Phuket property deals, new trends in Phuket property development and up-to-date news on the political/legal background to real estate development in Phuket and beyond.
Tuesday 09 February 2016 - 19:37

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